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Massachusetts Coastal Survey is our waterfront design services group that we are bringing back to focus on coastal and shorefront development projects. Originally set up in the 1990's, Outback Engineering operated MCS into the early 2000's when we consolidated services with our civil engineering group. With Massachusetts Coastal Survey, we provide waterfront design and permitting solutions for coastal and nearshore projects such as seawalls, piers/docks/floats, marinas and similar projects.   


Waterfront/Marine/Coastal services include:

  1. Preliminary site inspection and assessment, topographic and near shore bathometric surveys adjusted to appropriate tidal datum for the area.

  2. Feasibility studies and potential repair or replacement assessment.

  3. Regulatory review to determine permit requirements, which may include filing with MEPA, USACE, DEP Chapter 91, DEP WQC, DEP Wetlands, MESA and other federal, state and local agencies.

  4. Preparation of preliminary design or improvement concepts to assess feasibility of project and quantify potential permitting and construction costs.

  5. Preparation of permit application packages, including permit specific plan sets, for submission to various regulatory agencies, including MEPA, USACE, DEP Chapter 91, DEP WQC, WEP Wetlands and others.  Provide representation for project during public review periods and at public hearings, as required.

  6. Preparation of construction plans and specifications, construction cost estimates, and providing recommendations for contractors to provide proposals for construction.

  7. Construction period services, including construction observation, construction layout, field verification of installed components and technical support.

  8. Project close out services, including as-built survey, as-built plan preparation and permit close-out support.

Typical projects may include:

  • Stone revetments, seawalls and other foreshore protection structures

  • Minor and/or maintenance dredging projects

  • Piers, gangways and floats

  • Marinas and mooring fields

  • Culvert and outfall repair or replacement

  • FEMA LOMA applications and Elevation Certificates

Project List

Sunset Bay Marina, Hull, MA - floating breakwater design, Ch. 91 license.

Shaw's Boat Yard, Dighton, MA - marina expansion with additional piers and docks.

Residential home, Little Long Pond, Plymouth, MA - small dock/float design/permitting/Ch. 91 license.

Riverside Drive, Berkley, MA - residential dock with piers and float for 50' boat, design/permitting/Ch. 91 license. 

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