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Civil Engineering

Subdivisions & Site Plans


With every town and city having different regulations combined with state and federal regulations, it helps to have an experienced design and permitting team on your side.  Outback has permitted hundreds of subdivisions, condominium sites, 40B developments, residential, commercial and industrial site plans across Massachusetts.  Knowing the regulations, environmental restraints and soil conditions are critical to a successful outcome.  Outback's team of engineers and design professionals always work with our client's best interests and achieve efficient and cost-effective design as well as an expeditious permitting process.  Where larger and more complex projects can take more than a year to permit, we will remain steadfast to get the job done!

Low Impact Development, DEP Stormwater Management, Drainage Design, Groundwater Mounding Services

Managing stormwater runoff and its impact on site hydrology are key services offered by Outback Engineering.  Our expertise in the areas of Low Impact Development techniques, DEP Stormwater Management Regulations, Drainage System Design and Groundwater Mounding assessments provide our clients assurance that their project will be acceptable to all permitting agencies and function properly with the appropriate maintenance.

Septic System Design

Outback Engineering has designed and permitted more than a thousand Title V Septic Systems throughout Massachusetts.  Under Title 5, septic systems are permissible up to design flows of 10,000 gal. per day for new construction or up to 15,000 gal. per day for older systems.  Our Septic designs span many applications from single family homes needing septic upgrades, uses requiring innovative and/or alternative technology systems, and large flow multi-family shared and commercial designs for new construction.  We are able to provide turnkey analysis and plans. Click here to learn more about our Title V and soil testing services. 

Construction Services

In addition to Construction Stakeout Surveys and Soil & Asphalt Compaction Testing services, Outback provides Technical Support and Construction Observation services.  We ensure the contractor's work complies with approved plans, specifications, and permits by providing our clients with appropriate levels of oversight.  Upon completion of construction, we prepare as-built surveys used by our engineers to document compliance with approved plans and permits for submittal to town and state agencies to request Certificates of Compliance, as necessary to close out the project.

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