Land Surveying

Land Planning is one of the first steps in any land development process, requiring a review of regulations and conceptual planning for whatever project you might be considering.  Having compiled plans of record or a formal survey of the property is integral to the planning process.  Outback's engineers work with our surveyors to prepare the appropriate level of surveys and plans so that our clients can make a determination on the best course of action.  Our knowledge of local/state regulations and site restrictions are to maximize the use of a given property.


Within the scope of Land Surveying, Outback Engineering's survey department determines property boundaries and prepares plans suitable for recording at the Registry of Deeds and for petitioning Land Court.  Other survey tasks include topographic surveys (and hydrographic surveys in waterfront areas), locating utilities and structures, and preparation of existing conditions plans.  Preparation of accurate surveys are critical in design and construction of any project, and necessary to obtain competitive construction pricing.


Construction Stakeout and As-built Surveys

Construction Staking and As-built Surveys are utilized by contractors and owners to ensure compliance with approved design plans and permits.  Stakeout services may include flagging clearing limits and staking work limits or silt fence locations, staking centerlines of roads and edges of pavement, building corners and other structures, utilities, and lot corners.  We'll also set benchmarks and grade stakes for contractors' use.  


Upon completion of construction, as built surveys document compliance with approved plans, and are used to obtain certificates of compliance with town and state agencies, so that projects are properly closed out.


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